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So on my birthday I really want to do it big for church .. so what like bold color outfit that i could wear that is okay for church .. I need two great colors that match together.. like white and gold

Well, apparently pastels are in.  Which is a good thing because it can go with most skin tones.  I say any pastel colors or light bright colors. Add gold as an accessorie and nails. also because its church wear above knee dress.

If you need anything else send me a message.  

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What shoes do you wear with a body con/ pencil skirt? In the winter and in the summer plz?

Any type of shoe really, but be careful with heels and wedge.  Heels and wedges can make your legs look longer and that can make the skirt look short. I would most likely wear this.

But like I said you can wear any type of shoes with a body con/ pencil skirt

~Teen Style Guide

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